The Plant Of Immortality and How To Use It


Ancient Egyptians dubbed aloe vera the “plant
of immortality”. You may have used aloe vera
already if you’ve ever experienced a bad
sunburn; it’s the clear green goop that is
commonly found in nearly every pharmacy
The earliest recorded use of aloe vera by
humans goes back to 16th century B.C. While
it’s great for healing sunburned skin, there are
so many more uses you should know about.
Healing from the inside out
Aloe vera can be a powerful healing agent
when taken internally. It can soothe and repair
intestinal tissue that is damaged. Stomach
ulcers can also be soothed and repaired with
aloe. An aloe remedy should also be
considered if there are inflammation issues in
the digestive and/or intestinal system.
Here are some internal ailments that aloe can
help remedy:
Stomach ulcers
Intestinal ulcers
Ulcerative colitis
Kidney stones
Juicing with aloe
Prepare raw aloe vera leaves by using a knife
to cut off the hard outer layer of skin and
discarding it. Take the gel and translucent
flesh of the aloe vera leaf and blend it with a
fresh squeezed juice of your choice such as
orange or pineapple.
Drink this first thing in the morning before
breakfast. This is a great way to introduce
kids to aloe because it doesn’t really have a
taste to it. The rind of the aloe leaf does
contain laxative properties so be sure to use
with caution should you decide to incorporate
it into your morning juice.
Fresh aloe gel
Slicing an aloe vera leaf open lets out a clear
to yellowish gel. This gel can be saved when
preparing the aloe for consumption. Save it in
a small tupperware container by itself. This
gel has a runny consistency to it and has a
plethora of positive health benefits.
Keep the gel refrigerated to extend it’s life.
Also, remember to use a clean cosmetic
spatula instead of dipping your fingers in the
container to avoid contamination.
Aloe skin benefits
Use it as a moisturizing face gel every
morning to help smooth wrinkles. It can also
help erase dark spots and even out your skin
tone. This gel is especially helpful for small
trouble spots such as pimples and other small
blemishes. Just dab a bit on the troubled area
three times a day until the blemish
This clear gel works wonders for acne
sufferers. The gel can be used as a
moisturizer. The aloe vera flesh, when used as
a remedy, has the ability to draw out toxins
from the skin, such as those from an insect
bite or from acne.
For severe acne, use the entire flesh of the
aloe as opposed to just the gel. Place a slab
of aloe, with the exposed side down, on the
affected area and leave for at least one hour
up to overnight. This technique works best for
treating most skin conditions with aloe.
Aloe can help remedy the following skin
Cold sores
Diaper rash
Bug bites
Dry skin

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